The Rho Ophiuchi Cloud Complex

The Rho Ophiuchi Cloud Complex is easily one of the prettiest areas in the summer night sky. It lies in the constellation of Scorpius. The nebulosity consists mostly of reflection nebulae. The Antares nebula glows a beautiful golden yellow color and is centered around the star Antares. Dark nebulae Barnard 42, 44 and 45 are... Continue Reading →

Whale Galaxy (NGC 4631)

Equipment: RST-135, EdgeHD 8 @ F10, ASI2600MC, Orion 50mm guidescope + ASI290MM Mini Software: NINA, Sharpcap (for Polar Alignment), Astro Pixel Processor, Topaz Denoise AI

Pegasus I Galaxy Cluster

I imaged the Pegasus I galaxy cluster from my Bortle 8/9 light polluted backyard with a 80% waning Moon. Not ideal conditions but clear nights have been rare so wanted to take advantage of that. This was also the 2nd light of the ASI2600MC camera. The camera performed exceptionally well from my heavy LP backyard... Continue Reading →

Treasures of Orion

Here is a first light image with my new Canon EOS Ra. Still getting to grips with the camera. This was really a trial run and the image came out much better than I expected. Also goofed up on the mount setup. Used my Skywatcher Az-Gti which can quite easily do 2-3min unguided exposures at... Continue Reading →

Rosette Nebula with The Redcat 51

First light of my newly acquired Williams Optics 51. Just 26 x 120s on the Rosette Nebula using the ASI183MC Pro and Optolong L-Enhance filter. Seeing was not the best but I will take any clear evening I can get. Processed completely with Astro Pixel Processor. Rosette Nebula

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