Treasures of Orion

Here is a first light image with my new Canon EOS Ra.

Still getting to grips with the camera. This was really a trial run and the image came out much better than I expected.

Also goofed up on the mount setup. Used my Skywatcher Az-Gti which can quite easily do 2-3min unguided exposures at this focal length. But ended up limiting sub exposures to 60s I was not getting good star shapes. Only at the end of the session did I realize that I forgot to lock the RA axis after polar alignment! 

The camera is a real joy to use. Superb sensitivity and I really love the 30x zoom feature. It was derided by a lot of users but to me it is one of the most useful tools you could ask for. So easy to nail focus even without a focus mask. I am imaging with a DSLR after almost a decade and I had forgotten just how much fun it is.

Canon EOS Ra, Samyang 135mm @ F2, Skywatcher AZ-GTi, SharpCap (for PA), BackyardEoS and processing completely in Astro Pixel processor.

Lights 70x60s (ISO 3200 sensor temp stabilized at 15 deg C for most subs)

Darks 15x60s

Flats x25 ISO3200

Bias x30 1/8000th of a sec

From the SDAA dark site SQM ~21.4 but with passing light clouds

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