Pegasus I Galaxy Cluster

I imaged the Pegasus I galaxy cluster from my Bortle 8/9 light polluted backyard with a 80% waning Moon. Not ideal conditions but clear nights have been rare so wanted to take advantage of that. This was also the 2nd light of the ASI2600MC camera.

The camera performed exceptionally well from my heavy LP backyard for an OSC camera. The light pollution and ocean moisture usually conspire to reduce SNR and create horrible gradients which are very difficult to remove. But the clean data from this camera makes it much easier to post process.

Pegasus I galaxy cluster is about 250 million light years away in the constellation of Pegasus. It is well placed towards the east in fall which is the direction of least light pollution for me (which is not really saying much). Like many other galaxy clusters the cluster is centered around the bright elliptical galaxies NGC7619 and NGC7626.

But there was a bonus in the field. I noticed a group of distant galaxies. Upon further research Simbad revealed this to a distant galaxy cluster RM J231925.8+075928.6. The cluster almost looks like a question mark. Such finds are why I enjoy exploring my astro images so much. See image 3 below.

Based on a redshift of 0.2 this translates to a ~2.45Gly distance (light travel time).

60x120s EdgeHD 8 @ f7.4, ASI2600MC, no filter, NINA, AstroPixelProcessor, Pixinsight, Topaz DeNoise AI

Imaged at 0.52″ / pixel and guided with Orion Mini Guidescope + ASI290MM Mini and Metaguide.

Heart of Pegasus I Galaxy Cluster

Heart of Pegasus I Galaxy Cluster ANNOTATED
Galaxy Cluster RM J231925.8+075928.6

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